Metrolinx is working to fix issues on two of its GO train lines that caused significant delays for customers in Hamilton and Kitchener on Friday.

Early this morning, police responded to an arson east of West Harbour GO along the Lakeshore West line in Hamilton.

Metrolinx said the fire destroyed a signal bungalow.

“That’s a very critical piece of rail infrastructure that makes sure that our trains can move safely through and area using our signals and our switches,” Metrolinx spokesperson Matt Llewellyn told CP24 Friday morning.

As a result of the investigation, a number of GO trains that use a Metrolinx layover facility in that area were delayed for about 40 minutes or longer as crews needed to operate switches manually.

There were initial concerns about ripple effects affecting the line but Llewellyn said the issue will not impact other routes or cause other delays for the rest of the day.

“Thanks to our network operations team and the great work that they’re doing there and the rail traffic control centre we’ve been really able to make sure that these delays are going to be so far isolated to this morning with the exception of just one Niagara Falls trip tonight and that is a result of that police investigation.”

Llewellyn said the issue should be resolved this morning and further delays on the Lakeshore West line are not expected for the rest of the day.

The second issue involved a disabled CN freight train that broke down on the tracks on the Kitchener Line near Georgetown GO.

“In that particular case, CN was able to get their train moving relatively quickly and there were some minor delays for customers along the Kitchener Line,” Llewellyn said.