A York Regional Police officer delighted a young crowd and raised some eyebrows at an event Thursday night after she grabbed a mic and dropped a few rhymes.

Const. Amy Oliver was working a paid duty shift at a car show in Vaughan when she was handed the microphone with some music playing in the background.

The officer, seizing the moment, decided to show off her rap skills.

“Yeah I’m a cop, region of York. People call me pig – what’s wrong with pork?” she starts as the crowd cheers her on.

Oliver goes on to rap about police duty, race relations and busting drug dealers. She also raps that she would have taken a bullet for Biggie or Tupac, referencing the late rap adversaries. 

She also declares she “likes her donut Boston Cream and her coffee double double. I’m trying to drink it up before someone starts trouble.”

Videos of the unusual performance were quickly posted to social media, where they garnered tens of thousands of views.

A spokesperson for York Regional Police said Const. Oliver has been practicing free-style rapping for years in her free time and saw the moment “as an opportunity for community engagement.”

In an interview with CTV News Toronto Friday, the 29-year-old officer said she’s been rapping since she was in high school and does it now for fun in her free time.

“I don’t compete. I just have fun. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been on stage, it’s just something I did on the spur of the moment,” Oliver said.

She explained that she knew she was coming into a situation where people might not be receptive to police and saw a chance for an opening.

“It wasn’t a very positive environment when I got there. A lot of people were upset about police presence. They were worried that we were going to start impounding all their vehicles and charging them,” she said. “So I was told, heads-up they might not be happy with you being here, and I understood that. I went along with it and tried to better those relationships and open that communication so we all understand each other.”

She said the crowd opened right up to her after her performance and came up to talk “about anything and everything.”

Oliver, who’s been on the force for four years, said the continued response the next day was even more surprising.

“I woke up a little overwhelmed because I didn’t expect this,” she said. In the heat of the moment I went up there and I was just having fun, and now I’m just overwhelmed by all the attention but I’m happy it had such a positive impact.

“If it affected one person in a positive way, and they feel they can approach police in a different way, then I’m happy with it.”

No word so far on whether she’s been offered a record deal…

- With files from Rachael D'Amore




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