The ground nearly swallowed part of a school bus in the city’s Harwood neighbourhood Monday after a massive sinkhole opened up in a local road.  

The bus was travelling south on Symes Road, just past Hillborn Avenue, when the pavement beneath it suddenly collapsed.

The back of the bus slammed down into the opening sinkhole, but the vehicle luckily had enough momentum to keep from getting lodged.

While it escaped the hole, reports from the scene indicate that the rear suspension was shattered and the drive axle was partially dislodged.

The bus eventually came to a stop a few metres away from the sinkhole, where rushing water could be seen gushing through the two-metre-deep opening.

Toronto Water is at the scene to assess the situation and police have closed off a section of the road to keep drivers away.

There were no kids onboard at the time.

No one was injured.

- With files from CP24’s Cam Woolley