One woman is in custody after four-month-old baby suffered critical injuries following an incident in Etobicoke on Wednesday morning.

Officers were called to the lobby of a condo building near Sherway Gardens Road and Evans Avenue for a reported disturbance at around 8:35 a.m.

When officers arrived on scene, a four-month-old girl was found unconscious with what Const. David Hopkinson described as “grievous” injuries and a man was located with stab wounds.

The child was rushed to hospital via emergency run. She remains at Sick Kids Hospital in critical condition.

Police initially said the little girl had been stabbed but investigators later said her severe injuries were "not attributed to stab wounds,” though they could not confirm if she had in fact sustained stab wounds.

The man sustained serious injuries and was also taken to hospital for treatment.

According to Hopkinson, one woman has been arrested in connection with the incident. Peel paramedics confirmed to CP24 that she sustained lacerations to her arms and was taken to a Mississauga hospital.

”The early indications were that a woman was responsible for these significant injuries. It is believed that we have her,” Hopkinson said. “However you want to look at it, this is an officer’s worst nightmare.”

Hopkinson said that police could be dealing with multiple scenes, as investigators believe that the attack may have occurred somewhere other than the lobby of the building where the baby and the man were located.

He said that the circumstances of the incident will likely stay with officers for some time.

“A four month old baby is the worst call you can go to,” he said. “This will affect those officers now and going forward. We have mechanisms in our organization to try to deal with these situations, I hope the officers are able to speak with someone and debrief but this is going to be very, very difficult for them to deal with.”

Speaking to reporters at the scene earlier in the day, Det. David Knowles said he could not confirm the relationship between the three people involved but said some of them are residents of the building.

Knowles said police are still trying to determine exactly what took place inside the building.

"Part of the event occurred in the lobby and we are looking to find out any other locations where something might have happened," he added.

Hopkinson has said that while the baby has critical injuries, police are “hopeful” that she will survive.