A Parkdale barber shop is apologizing after a sign that read “Movemeber stache got you looking a little Weinstein” was posted outside its door.

The chalkboard sign, which was placed outside Mankind Grooming in the area of Queen Street West and O’Hara Avenue, caught the eye of Erica Shiner who promptly took a photo and posted it online.

Speaking with CP24 on Friday evening, Shiner said sexual assault is never a laughing matter.

“My reaction was when people do this and make jokes and make light of sexual assault, they’re making sexual assault more likely to happen so I’m immediately thinking about what message that sends to the people who walk by whether they are young boys and it’s normalizing sexual assault or whether they’re women who have been assaulted or other people who have been assaulted,” she said.

“It shouldn’t be out there at all and I think businesses have a responsibility to make sure that they are not putting that message out there and to do the right thing when it happens.”

Her post sparked a big reaction online and prompted some people to call the barber shop directly.

“A lot of women who called in and spoke to the man who wrote this sign were verbally abused by him," she alleged. "I think that they shouldn’t be doing anything short of firing him and cutting all ties with him."

The owner of the barber shop later took to Facebook to post a statement issuing an apology for the “insensitive” sign.

“On behalf of Mankind Grooming, I want to apologize to all women who have been offended by a sandwich board message outside the Parkdale location,” the statement read. “I would like to distance myself and Mankind from the actions of one employee who sought fit to post a very insensitive message.”

“We need to stand up to all forms of abuse, discrimination and exploitation, sadly making light of a very serious situation like this doesn’t help.”

Shiner said she believes the employee responsible should face consequences, including being fired, for their actions.

“Employees should have consequences for writing things like that,” she said. “There should be a community reaction that says that this is not okay.”

Harvey Weinstein, an Oscar-winning producer and film executive behind some of Hollywood's greatest hits, is facing several sexual misconduct allegations. None of them have been proven in court.