A patient at Toronto General Hospital has tested negative for the Ebola virus, according to a spokesperson for the University Health Network.

The patient was placed in isolation on Thursday because they had travelled to Nigeria within the past 21 days and had a fever.

Doctors had previously said that it was "exceedingly unlikely" that the patient would test positive for the Ebola virus and that the move was largely precautionary. 

The age and gender of the patient is not known.

"When travel history and any of the symptoms (fever, chills, bleeding and/or chills) are present the protocol requires staff to use full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when working with the patient, that the patient be placed in isolation, that a test for Ebola be submitted and that precautions continue until such time as Ebola has been ruled out, symptoms resolve themselves or a diagnosis of another illness is confirmed," Univeristy Health Network Vice President of Public Affairs Gillian Howard said in a press release announcing the test results early Saturday morning. "These protocols are designed to protect our staff, our patients and visitors to the hospital."

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