Cadillac Fairview has revealed their design for the new pedestrian bridge across Queen Street, which connects CF Toronto Eaton Centre with the Hudson’s Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue flagship locations.

Construction for the bridge is expected to begin this month ahead of its opening in the fall. It will replace the existing structure that already links the two retail spaces together.

Prior to installation, the bridge will be built adjacent to the shopping centre on James Street and then lifted into place upon completion.

The architectural company WilkinsonEyre was selected as the designers of the bridge. As well, Zeidler Partnership Architects will be the executive archietect for this project.

“We designed the bridge’s form to connect together the two inherent geometries of each building, transforming from the historical, circular arches of the Hudson’s Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue building to the modern rectangular geometry of CF Toronto Eaton Centre,” director at WilkinsonEyre Dominic Bettison said in the news release.

“This meeting and blending of the two building’s form and materials becomes a beautiful and metaphorical ‘handshake’ extending out over Queen Street.”

Cadillac Fairview, the owner and operator of CF Toronto Eaton Centre, said the plan comes during a special time for the shopping centre.

“Beyond the simple utility of construction of a bridge across Queen Street, this pedestrian bridge will serve as a unique architectural icon,” the news release said. “CF Toronto Eaton Centre is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and with approximately two million people using the bridge annually, it was time to enhance both its aesthetics and functionality.”