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Gone are the days of being loyal to individual stores or chains and using a single loyalty card. With the help of technology, apps, and price tracking, Canadians are changing how they shop to get more bang for their buck. On top of making extra stops to save money, people are also shopping around to make the most of different rewards programs - and some savvy shoppers are even double-dipping for rewards in a technique called stacking.


What is stacking?

Stacking is where you find ways to use multiple rewards or loyalty programs for the same purchase, stacking up the rewards or Miles you get for shopping.

To earn the most rewards on every dollar you spend, you can stack your loyalty memberships by strategically using your credit card, and different programs like AIR MILES. During a time when price increases are common, getting extra rewards for buying your necessities is an amazing perk.

Intrigued? Start by picking a credit card with your preferred form of rewards, whether that’s Miles, points, or cash back. Then, look into getting store-specific rewards cards for the places you shop, and lastly, get familiar with the expanded and improved AIR MILES Rewards Program to see where you can get additional Miles for shopping, and redeem those to treat yourself to new merch, eVouchers, or alleviate purchases on everyday essentials.

AIR MILES has been rewarding Canadians for decades, with more than 9.5 million accounts (that’s more than half of all Canadian households!) collecting Miles from more than 300 leading Canadian, global, and online retailers, 55 new brand partners, plus thousands of retail and service locations across the country.

And recently, AIR MILES has updated its offerings to help collectors earn even more Miles on top of the rewards they’re already earning from other loyalty programs.


How to stack with AIR MILES

AIR MILES has helped Canadians earn rewards for grocery shopping over the years, but recognizing that Canadians are prioritizing value and convenience when shopping, they are expanding to help you earn Miles at wholesale clubs, alcohol retailers, and grocery stores across the country. Some of the program enhancements include an improved multiplier on credit card purchases, Miles for online grocery shopping, and their innovative AIR MILES Receipts.

For the credit card multiplier, individuals with a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard already earn double the Miles at grocery stores across Canada when paired with their AIR MILES loyalty card. Now, they’ll also earn two times the Miles at eligible wholesale clubs and alcohol retailers when using their cards. Plus, BMO customers earn Miles on everything they buy with their AIR MILES Mastercard, so every purchase goes even further. Helping you stack up those rewards faster!

In addition to in-store grocery shopping, AIR MILES has introduced partnerships with food delivery services through airmilesshops.ca, so you can earn Miles for ordering food and groceries online as well. Then when it comes time to redeem your Cash Miles, you can get eVouchers for food delivery and countless other restaurants across the country.

Not to outshine those two major enhancements, the new and improved AIR MILES Receipts feature, launching in the coming months, lets you go beyond the grocery aisles to collect Miles on eligible purchases at alcohol retailers in Canada. To earn, all you have to do is scan your eligible receipt in the AIR MILES App and watch those Bonus Miles stack up.

AIR MILES Receipts launched in 2023, and already covers more than 94 per cent of grocery banners in Canada with plans to expand to even more categories in the near future.

With a large variety of retailers to help you earn Miles, along with the ability to stack other loyalty programs, you can collect rewards even faster.

AIR MILES continues to offer value to Canadians, in 2023 alone, Canadians earned $76 million in value when buying their everyday essentials. With the new changes recently announced, Canadians can earn 60 per cent more Miles with AIR MILES credit cards every year.

To learn about where to earn Miles and how to make the most of stacking, get all the details about AIR MILES at www.airmiles.ca.