WARSAW, Poland - Canada's ambassador to Poland says the country wants allies to remain engaged in the war that has been raging on the other side of its border for two years.

Speaking on the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Catherine Godin says the war presents a real and present threat to the people of Poland.

Her comments follow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's unannounced visit to Ukraine to show solidarity with the embattled country, where he pledged more military and financial aid and long-term support.

Godin says Poland and Canada have worked together closely on military efforts to train troops and deliver aid.

She says Poland has also expressed appreciation for Canada's role in guarding NATO's eastern flank in Latvia.

But with reports of support for Ukraine waning in other western countries, Godin says Poland wants to make sure other countries continue to take the war seriously.

This report was first published by the Canadian Press on Feb. 25, 2024.