Toronto police kicked off a weeklong bicycle safety campaign Monday, but it's not just cyclists who are being targeted.

In an effort to prevent collisions and raise awareness, officers in 54 Division are stepping up efforts to nab cyclists who break the rules of the road, but they are also watching for motorists who turn into the path of cyclists and run red lights.

Several tickets were handed out in the opening hours of the campaign.

During the morning commute, police encountered a cyclist who was riding his bicycle without holding on to the handlebars - a $128 fine - and a cyclist who didn't have a bell or horn on his bicycle, netting him a $110 fine.

Three cyclists were ticketed for running a red light - an infraction that carries a $325 fine.

Police Sgt. Jack West said most vehicle-bicycle collisions are caused by drivers who don’t watch for cyclists when they make a turn, and cyclists who run red lights.

All motorists should check their mirrors and blind spots to avoid crossing into a cyclist’s path and they should also check for cyclists prior to opening their car doors, West said.

West urged cyclists to obey traffic laws and ensure their bicycles and safety equipment are in good working order.

Because there is less daylight as summer gives way to fall, cyclists should have lights on the front and back ends of their bicycle and a bell or horn, West said.

“It’s important that they are seen and that they are heard. A good sounding bell or horn can help save a cyclist,” he said.

Officers also stopped adults who were cycling on sidewalks, and people for infractions involving e-bikes, which are treated the same as a bicycle, West said.

This isn't the first time police have held a bicycle safety campaign. Similar safety campaigns have focused on motorists and pedestrians.

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