Niagara Regional Police are investigating after a St. Catharines family found a handful of pain relief pills in a tub of ice cream they were eating for dessert.

The family told police Saturday that they were eating a previously un-opened 1.65 litre container of ice cream when one of the family members realized there was something unexpected in the treat.

After spitting it out, the woman recognized the pill as a 400 mg Advil. In total, eight of the Advil gel capsules were discovered mixed into the ice cream.

One of the women in the family told CP24 that there were three kids who could have swallowed the pills in the ice cream and the person who almost ate one was pregnant.

The ice cream involved – Iceberg brand French Vanilla ice cream – was purchased at one of two St. Catharines stores according to police: a Food Basics at 275 Geneva Street or a Freshco at 286 Bunting Road.

Police said the UPC code 7 7427611724 2 was on the side of the container. The number 16279 08:55 was on the front.

Detectives are now investigating the incident and say that the manufacturer has been advised.