The Toronto Police Service has launched a new vulnerable person registry that they say could help officers more effectively deal with residents who may be in crisis.

The voluntary database will provide a centralized location where frontline officers can view sensitive information regarding vulnerable persons.

That information can include behaviours that may be exhibited by the person, recommended de-escalation strategies in times of crisis, subject matters to be avoided and contact information for family members or other individuals who can provide support.

The information can only be provided by the vulnerable person, their parent or guardian or someone with power attorney, according to police. Once submitted, it will remain in the database for a period of two years unless the person who provided it asks that it be removed.

“The vulnerable persons registry is a voluntary information-sharing portal that allows the public to work with police to keep their loved ones safe,” Police Chief Mark Saunders said in a news release issued Wednesday. “It is a great example of a community partnership that helps the public, and allows our officers their work in a safe and positive manner. When officers are given better information they get better outcomes.”

According to police, the information stored in the registry can provide officers with “important context about any behaviours they may observe when they are assisting a vulnerable person.”

Police say that the information can also be used in the event that the person is reported missing.