TORONTO -- Alberta Premier Alison Redford made a stop at the Ontario legislature today to sit down with the new premier-to-be Kathleen Wynne.

The two settled in a room in the legislative library to talk, giving each other a high-five for the cameras.

Redford says they talked about the fundamentals of economic growth and the many challenges both provinces face this year.

She says the meeting gives them a chance to discuss where they can find some common ground.

They may already have something in common as Redford tries to get a new contract with Alberta's doctors.

Ontario finally settled a new agreement with its doctors after a months-long battle over their fees.

Health Minister Deb Matthews -- who played a major role in Wynne's campaign -- played hardball with Ontario doctors by cutting their fees when the two sides were at an impasse.

The matter was settled in early December, with doctors endorsing a new deal that's expected to trim spending by $400 million.

Redford has suggested how talks go with the physicians could affect whether Alberta brings back health premiums after a four-year absence.

Ontario's governing Liberals brought in a health premium of up to $900 per worker in 2003, which was widely criticized because Premier Dalton McGuinty had signed a pledge during the election campaign not to raise taxes.