A Scarborough man managed to escape without any serious injuries after a runaway tire came flying through his windshield on the 401 near Ajax earlier this week.

Andrew Sukhdeo was driving home from work on westbound Highway 401 near Salem Road when a wheel broke off an eastbound car, flipped over the guardrail and rolled into his lane of traffic.

“I saw the tire just as it bounced for the first time and I was trying to calculate where it was going to come down but everything was just happening so quickly that there was just no time to react or think. I just kind of ducked,” said Sukhdeo, who captured the whole incident on his dash camera.

“It struck the top of the windshield and it actually broke the sunroof and then all the glass came down.”

Sukhdeo was luckily uninjured during the ordeal but his Toyota Corolla will need a new sunroof and windshield before he can hit the road again.