Officers and volunteers continued to search Sunday for the body of a three-year-old boy swept into the Grand River after the vehicle he was travelling in slipped into the water near Orangeville early Wednesday morning.

Police previously said the child, who has been identified by multiple sources as Kaden Young, was with his mother when the minivan she was driving went into the water.

According to investigators, the child’s mother was able to get them both out of the vehicle but the boy slipped from her arms and was swept away by a fast-moving current.

The mother was taken to hospital and was later released.

Fog and rain made for poor driving conditions in the area at the time of the incident, police previously said.

Const. Paul Nancekivell told CP24 Sunday that the OPP’s canine unit, as well as ground and dive search teams, were out looking for the child’s body.

An OPP helicopter was also expected to assist in the search Sunday.

“There were a bit of weather problems this morning,” Nancekivell said. “But it is expected they are going to be there this afternoon once things clear up.”

Nancekivell said teams are dealing with ice flows and heavy debris in the river, which are hindering the search.

He warned members of a civilian search team to be careful along the river banks.

“We’d ask them to be very, very careful. Do not get in the water. Stay away from edge of the banks because we’ve had some freezing rain overnight and we want to make sure nobody slips into that river. We are already looking for one person. We don’t want this to increase,” he added.

Nancekivell later told CP24 that search crews will be returning to the area on Monday to continue the effort.

“We’re still going to be actively back there tomorrow with our resources again combing the river,” he said.

He said police are evaluating the situation on a day-by-day basis to make sure that it is safe for crews and volunteers to be out.  

“We’re worried about soft riverbanks that have been compromised,” Nancekivell said. “Literally ice has been driven up on shore and that’s weakened some of the riverbanks.

“We want to be careful. We have to be extremely careful with people on the edge of the river that they don’t fall through a riverbank that’s been compromised.”

He said the boy’s family is “holding up” at the moment as best they can and that police continue to provide them with updates on the search effort.