Video released by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) shows a man hanging off of the back of a transport truck’s trailer as it was driving at highway speeds on the QEW early this morning.

Police say the video was taken at around midnight on the QEW near Burloak Drive in Burlington.

The video was captured by the driver of a vehicle that was behind the transport truck on the highway, and shows what appears to be a male wearing a black hooded jacket, grey pants and white sneakers hanging off the back of the trailer.

OPP spokesperson Kerry Schmidt says the driver who captured the video motioned to the truck driver that something was wrong, and the transport slowed down and pulled to the shoulder.

“As he stopped, the male jumped off the back of the trailer and was last seen running up the ramp to Burloak Drive,” he said.

Schmidt said Burlington OPP searched the area this morning but could not locate the suspect.

The truck driver told the OPP that he had last stopped to load up his trailer in a yard in Milton about half an hour before the video was captured.

“[He] has no idea when or how this person jumped on the back of the trailer and hitched a ride,” Schmidt said.

“Certainly a very dangerous behaviour; something that we don’t ever want to see and certainly could cause serious injuries or even death.”

The investigation into the incident is ongoing and investigators are asking anyone with information to contact the Burlington OPP.