A Toronto passenger said her Sunwing Airlines flight was unforgettable as she recounted the moments after the pilot shut down the plane’s engine mid-flight to Montego Bay on Friday.

Sarah-Anne Finn, a traveller from Toronto, told CTV News Toronto an announcement aired over the intercom less than an hour after take off.

“It was just something you don’t really forget,” she said.

The pilots informed passengers there was a mechanical issue involving the engine, and as a result they would have to return to Toronto.

“They told us it was going to be a bumpy landing,” Finn said. “At that point, we realized something more serious was going on.”

Sunwing told CTV News Toronto that one of the plane’s engines shut down mid-air due to low oil pressure. To triage, the pilot switched off one of the plane’s two engines.

“Kudos to our pilot,” Finn said, noting the flight’s safe landing in Toronto and the crew’s emergency actions in an unpredictable situation.

As they touched down, fire trucks and emergency vehicles met the plane on the ground, Finn said.

Sunwing said the plane was investigated by a maintenance crew while a new aircraft was prepared to bring the passengers to Montego Bay later that day.

SunwingBut after landing in Toronto, Finn said passengers were “left in the dark” when it came to receiving written communication from the airline. After landing at Pearson, she said some of the airport's employees were shepherding the passengers through the airport, but “no one really knew what was going on.”

Finn said she went through customs, waited over an hour for her luggage at the carousel and checked her bags in again before boarding a new plane around 5 p.m.

CTV News Toronto asked Sunwing about Finn’s claims regarding limited written communication with customers. In response, the airline thanked customers for their patience and understanding during the unforeseen situation.

“The safety and security of our passengers and employees is our top priority at Sunwing Airlines,” a spokesperson said.