OTTAWA -- A Nova Scotia woman who tried to hire a hit man to kill her abusive husband says she now wants to re-establish contact with her daughter, whom she hasn't seen in five years.

Nicole Ryan says she just wants to get her life back in order after the Supreme Court of Canada stayed any further legal proceedings against her.

Her lawyer says Michael Ryan took the couple's daughter Amy in March 2008, and has kept her from contact with her mother.

Ryan says she has no information about her daughter.

She hopes the Elizabeth Fry Society will be able to help her to re-establish contact with her daughter, who's now 12.

Ryan has resumed her teaching career and says she has drawn support from her students.

She was acquitted by a trial judge in 2010 on a charge of counselling to commit murder.

And while the Supreme Court justices overturned that decision, they also blocked any further action against her with an extraordinary stay of proceedings.

The court also raised serious questions about the conduct of the R-C-M-P and Nova Scotia prosecutors in the case.

The justices said it was "disquieting" that the Mounties chose to mount a sting operation to arrest Ryan rather than respond to her husband's "reign of terror" over her.

She was arrested in 2008 when she tried to hire an undercover R-C-M-P officer to kill her husband, who had threatened to kill her and her daughter and burn their house down.