A 20-year-old man accused in a double sexual assault was remanded into custody after making an appearance at a Finch Avenue courthouse today.

His family attended court but did not speak to media. The suspect’s mother wept openly in court, according to a reporter on scene.

The suspect himself wore black jeans and a black dress shirt. He ignored media in the back of the courtroom and appeared to be emotionless.

The suspect’s lawyer, Jordan Weisz, talked to reporters outside the courthouse afterward.

“This set of allegations has come as a complete chock to both my client and his family,” Weisz said.

He described his client as a smart young man who has never been arrested before and “presents as a bright, typical, quiet 20-year-old.”

Weisz confirmed his client is in his second year at an accredited university, but declined to say where he is enrolled.

“It was certainly courses that had to do with academia and would require a high degree of intelligence and sophistication in order to do well in,” Weisz said.

He said his client’s family, including two younger sisters, have been shocked by the news and are requesting privacy. He said he had no comment to make when asked why his client turned himself in or whether he believes police might have the wrong person in custody.

“I am going to be in further consultation with both my client and the family during what I’ve said is a very trying and difficult period for them all,” Weisz said. “Our next course of action may very well be to set a bail hearing.”

According to police, two women were attacked when they answered the door at a home near Avenue Road and Lawrence Avenue late Monday morning. At the door, a man claiming to be a newspaper salesman forced his way inside and threatened the two women with a knife, police allege. The victims, 25 and 30 years old, were sexually assaulted.

Police released images of a suspect soon afterwards to the media. Some of those images were taken aboard a TTC bus.

A man who identified himself as Alaa Hejazi turned himself into police Wednesday and is facing 11 charges in connection with the incident, including breaking and entering and forcible confinement.

The suspect will next appear in court Nov. 22 to set a date for a bail hearing.

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