Former Ontario PC leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen confirmed Friday she will indeed be seeking the party’s nomination in the riding of Mississauga-Centre.

Granic Allen tweeted: “I have chosen to run for nomination in the riding of Mississauga Centre. To my friends in Mississauga Centre – help is on the way.”

Speaking with CP24 on Friday, Granic Allen said she used to live in the community.

“It’s a great riding,” she said. “I grew up in Toronto. I actually used to live in Mississauga-Centre along with my four children and my husband and there were only a handful of ridings left and I thought if I’m going to run somewhere why not run somewhere where I’ve actually lived and if the good residents of Mississauga-Centre will have me, I would love to be their voice at Queen’s Park.”

Granic Allen said issues constituents of Mississauga-Centre are facing are important to her.

“There are a lot of constituents who are concerned about affordability of housing, about transit,” she said. “I lived there so I experienced that so I look forward to having a very meaningful consultation with residents if I am nominated as the PC candidate.”

The Progressive Conservative Party announced earlier this month that the riding of Mississauga-Centre would be one of three ridings hosting new nomination races. Party president Jag Badwal said the party agreed to reopen nomination for Brampton North and Newmarket-Aurora as well.

These new races were announced after Doug Ford won leadership of the party on March 10, beating Granic Allen, Caroline Mulroney and Christine Elliot.

Granic Allen is the president of Parents as First Educators – a grassroots movement that is against the current sex-education curriculum in the province – and she said she supports Ford’s stance on this issue.

“I fully support Doug in his position on this issue and on a whole host of issues like reducing the burden of taxation and I look forward to him outlining his platform in the coming days and being a very important part of his team,” she said.

The provincial election is set to take place June 7.