The city has once again painted hundred of circles on the grass at Trinity Bellwood as a gentle reminder to residents to keep their distance when hanging out at the popular west end park.

The circles were initially put in place in the park as part of a pilot project last spring after thousands of people gathered in close proximity of one another during a blistering May weekend, prompting a public rebuke from Premier Doug Ford and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Many park goers had hoped that the circles wouldn’t be necessary this year but with the city still in the midst of a devastating third wave of the pandemic a decision was made to bring them back.

On Thursday morning crews got to work on painting about 400 of the circles, primarily along the grass at the southern end of the park.

Each of the circles are eight feet in diameter and can accommodate two to three people. They are each spaced about 10 feet apart.

“We are just doing it by hand and once you have them down it is just a matter of coming back and tracing them over again every two weeks or so, depending on how much the grass grows and the amount of rain you get,” one of the workers, Dave Loverock, told CP24.

The city said last year that each of the circles costs about $12 to paint.