Toronto public health officials are reporting two additional suspected cases of monkeypox and one probable case on Wednesday, bringing the total number of suspected and confirmed cases in the city to four.

Officials said Wednesday that one of the three new cases was a close contact of the city’s first case, detected in a man in his 40s who travelled to Montreal and may be linked to the cluster of cases forming there.

“All three individuals are men (two in their 30's and one in their 20's) and are doing well,” a Toronto public health spokesperson told CTV News Toronto on Wednesday.

A Toronto Public Health spokesperson said the origin of the two other suspected or probable cases is still under investigation.

Health officials across the globe are investigating more than 100 cases of the illness, caused by a distant relative of the smallpox virus.

Officials in Ontario have published official orders to report all suspected cases, as well as an initial guide for isolating infected individuals in hospital.

Symptoms of monkeypox include a rash or lesions that begin on the face and move to other parts of the body.

It can also involve fever, headache, back pain, sore throat and cough.

It is typically spread through prolonged close contact between infected individuals.

UHN infectious diseases specialist Dr. Susy Hota says there’s no doubt we will see more cases of monkeypox arise.

“The question is how many cases are we going to see, how is it going to be transmitting, and is there anything to indicate to us that something’s changed about this virus and how it behaves.”

She said there is still a lot health workers need to learn about this outbreak.

“Right now we’re in that exploratory phase of trying to understand this virus a little bit better.”