Disclaimer: This article contains graphic language that may be offensive to some readers.

Some creative Ontario drivers tried to push the envelope with their personalized licence plates but received bad news when their application was rejected by the province.

The provincial government shared with CTV Toronto a list of all the Personalized Licence Plates (PLPs) it rejected in 2022. It includes all of the applications ordered between Jan.1 and Dec. 8, 2022, that were rejected following review.

A spokesperson for Ontario’s Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery says a PLP application will not be accepted if the same combination of numbers and letters selected has already been issued.

Applications will also be rejected if they are considered to be objectionable under certain criteria, including but not limited to sexual references, human rights discrimination, religion, and drugs or alcohol.

Anyone who tries to get obscene language or derogatory slang for a personalized plate will likely have their application denied too, which is what happened to the drivers who wanted 2020.WTF, AREUDUMB, BYEBXTCH, DAAAAMN, FOXSAKES, HECKIN, and WADDAFAK.

Ontario car owners cannot get any licence plates that relate to political figures, dignitaries or law enforcement either, meaning plates like OHOPOPO, GRETAWHO, PREZIDNT, and VV.PUTIN were rejected.

Violent licence plates are also not permitted, like CROWDKLR, DOGFIGHT, and ISELLGUN. Few might have tried to outsmart the government by spelling murder backwards, but “The Shining” may have thwarted their plans to drive as R3DRUMM, RDRUM, REDXRUM, and REDRUUM.

Licence plates that were hard to read, including JU5TSOLD, KOBEEEEE, LE4F5, MR.FR35H, OLDSKOQL, SORRRRRY, and WAK4NDA, were also rejected.

The ministry notes initially rejected vanity licence plates can undergo a second review if it is requested, which means any of the licence plates attached in the list could potentially be approved at a later date.