Five high school graduates from the Toronto District School Board are among the first to ever post 100 per cent averages in their final year of class.

Nina Do of Humberside Collegiate Institute, Pasha Ho of Harbord Collegiate Institute, Avaneesh Kulkarni of Victoria Park Collegiate Institute, Sienna Muller of Etobicoke School of the Arts, and Kyle Sung of Richview Collegiate Institute put up the impressive marks in their top six Grade 12 classes during their 2021-22 school year.

A very humble Muller and Sung dropped by CP24 Thursday morning to discuss their academic success and their plans for the future.

Sung -- who can remarkably solve a Rubik’s Cube in only 10 seconds -- rounded out his final year with a host of extracurricular activities, including figure skating at a national level, playing multiple instruments, and writing and performing original music.

“I love to learn…whether it’s learning to write songs or learning to skate. It just feels great,” Sung said.

Meanwhile, Muller is a classical ballet dancer who splits her time between the stage and the textbooks. She says she’s planning on pursuing a career in science, but still managed to make time each day to fit in some dancing during her graduating year.

“In the end, although I honestly probably love both of them [arts and sciences] equally, I’ve decided to pursue science because I think I can make a real impact there,” Muller said.

As for how they achieved the 100 per cent averages, both Muller and Sung agreed that the support they received from their parents, classmates, and teachers was paramount to their success.

“I had lots of help from my teachers for sure. I think it’s important to never be afraid to ask for help and get extra help because there are so many incredible teachers that if you say ‘can you go over this math problem with me,’ ‘hey I need some help with this science concept,’ they’ll be there,” Muller said.

Four of the five top scholars were at the TDSB head office on Thursday morning where they expanded on their academic accomplishments, and discussed learning during a pandemic and their plans for next year.