A Toronto-based actor has taken to social media to share the unlikely contents of a box of protein bars – small pieces of wood.

Actor Joel Cumber says he purchased the snacks at a Walmart in Ottawa. The protein bars, made by a U.K. company called Grenade, are Cumber’s “favourite,” he told CP24, and a frequent presence in his home while he trains for high-energy plays and musicals.

“They’re really, really good protein bars,” he said. “They taste like chocolate bars, but they’re good for you, with lots of protein. I eat them all the time.”

@mitchwood_ @Grenade my roommates opened their protein bars and found LOGS!!!! Explain!!! #grenadebars #scam #sketchy ♬ original sound - Mitch Wood

Cumber was surprised when he opened his newest box of Caramel Chaos Grenade bars to discover small, individually wrapped pieces of wood.

“It looked like a little log,” he said. “I told my roommate, and she came upstairs, and we started opening all the bars. Every package had a piece of wood inside.”

Cumber says the company has not yet provided an explanation for the pieces of wood. Representatives for Grenade and Walmart did not immediately respond to CP24’s request for comment.

“There were no sprinkles, or crumbs, or anything to indicate there was ever food in there,” said Cumber. “If anything, the packaging smelled a little sweet, but that’s it.”