Toronto police have arrested and charged a local man following a human trafficking investigation launched in January.

According to police, a woman met a person and began a relationship with them. The person allegedly trafficked the woman within the Toronto sex trade and withheld the money she made.

It is further alleged the person used violence against the woman in an attempt to exercise control over her.

Additionally, the person is accused of causing pain and suffering to two cats within their home, which they eventually killed and discarded, according to police.

On Feb. 22, Toronto Police Service (TPS) arrested 22-year-old Menachem Berger. Berger is charged with two counts of willfully causing suffering to an animal, two counts of killing an animal, one count of trafficking in persons by exercising control, one count of receiving material benefit, one count of deriving material benefit and one count mischief under $5,000.

They made their first appearance in court on Feb. 3.

Investigators say they are concerned there may be other victims or witnesses, and are appealing to individuals to come forward.