Police say they are investigating after receiving reports that a cyclist was run off the road by a taxi in the city’s downtown core last week.

Officers have released few details about the investigation but a video posted on social media by known YouTube prankster Roman Atwood shows a bike courier bang on the window of a cab before the cab driver quickly swerves, hits the cyclist, and knocks him onto the sidewalk.

The exact location where the cyclist was struck was not immediately clear but officers at 52 Division are leading the investigation.

Police say they were first were notified about what happened shortly before 6 p.m. on Aug. 18.

In a written statement released by the bike courier’s employer Favour Delivery, the company says they are “extremely concerned by the incident.”

“The safety of our Runners is a top priority. We are in close contact with the Runner,” the statement read. “The police have been informed and are currently investigating the incident.”

No charges have been laid.