Toronto police raided five illegal cannabis dispensaries operating across the city Friday, two days after recreational cannabis use was made legal across the country.

Toronto police spokesperson Gary Long said dispensaries located at 66 Fort York Boulevard, 333 Spadina Avenue, 912 Danforth Avenue, 1506 Dundas Street West and 2655 Lawrence Avenue East were the subject of investigation by drug squad officers on Friday.

He said eight people were charged under the new provincial Cannabis Act and released.

Police are working with city bylaw officers to have the dispensaries closed down.

The law in Ontario allows adults 19 or older to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis for recreational use, as well as four marijuana plants in their home.

Until April 1,2019, all cannabis for sale in the province will be sold through the Ontario Cannabis Store website.

Licensed retail shops will be allowed after that date.

Other provinces such as Quebec, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia already have operational cannabis retail shops.