Toronto Public Health is calling for the newest co-host of a popular American talk show to be booted off the airwaves over her controversial views on vaccinations.

Last week ABC announced that Jenny McCarthy would join “The View” in the fall, prompting criticism from those who said the network shouldn’t give a platform to a woman who has repeatedly linked vaccinations to autism, despite little research supporting the theory.

On Monday, Toronto Public Health joined the debate, asking ABC to reconsider their new hire in a tweet.

“Anti-vaccine views = misinformation,” the tweet stated. “Please ask @theviewtv to change their mind.”

The tweet from Toronto Public Health included a link to a City of Toronto pamphlet illustrating the success of vaccinations in preventing infectious diseases, such as measles and the mumps.

In a follow up tweet, the agency said allowing McCarthy to host the View is “irresponsible.”

“@JennyMcCarthy cites fraudulent research on vaccines & it's irresponsible to provide her with @theviewtv platform,” the tweet stated.

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