With fares set to increase in a matter of days, a new report has found that Torontonians are already paying more than most other cities for transit when compared to average incomes.

According to data compiled on 45 major cities by international e-commerce platform, Picodi, Toronto transit users pay the seventh most for single tickets ($2.38 USD), and the third most for monthly passes ($116 USD). In Canadian, that equates to $3.25 and $156, respectively.

According to the report, Torontonians are paying almost four per cent of their monthly net income on transit – making it the third most expensive city for transit in Picodi’s rankings.

The only cities in which residents are spending more of their monthly income on transit than Torontonians are Sao Paulo, Brazil (14.2 per cent), Istanbul, Turkey (7.5 per cent) and London, United Kingdom (7.4 per cent).

When it comes to Canadian rankings, Toronto is the country’s most expensive city for transit, the report found.

Canadian transit costs

Of the 12 Canadian cities examined, Toronto was the most expensive for a monthly pass, while Calgary, Alta. charged the most for a single ticket ($3.60). Calgary’s monthly pass, however, is cheaper than Toronto’s, coming in at $112.

Charlottetown, P.E.I. boasts the lowest single ticket price and monthly pass, at $2.00 and $20.00. 


Toronto’s transit system will soon cost riders more.

As of April 3, both cash and pay as-you-go PRESTO fares for youths and adults will go up 10 cents.

The fares for seniors, Fair Pass Transit Discount Program users, and monthly pass customers will remain the same.

The commission says the new fare rates, alongside the almost $1-billion in municipal funding, “will help ensure the system is reliable, safe, and accessible for all Torontonians.”


As of April 3, adult cash fares will increase to $3.35 and youth cash fares to $2.40.

Regular adult PRESTO fares will increase to $3.30, while a physical PRESTO adult ticket will cost $3.35. Youth PRESTO fares will rise to $2.35.

Two-way adult PRESTO tickets will be $6.70 and an adult PRESTO Day Pass will be $13.50.