The Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy is giving jilted lovers and disgruntled employees the chance to name a cockroach in honour of someone who truly bugs them for Valentine’s Day.

It’s the first time the Toronto Zoo is running this campaign for the occasion.

“Naming opportunities are not limited to exes - you can name a roach after your boss, ex-friend, relative, or anyone else that has been ‘bugging’ you,” Kelsey Godel, Donor Stewardship and Engagement Coordinator for the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy told CTV News Toronto Monday.

To name a cockroach, Torontonians can go online and select “Dedicate your donation,” select “In honour of,” and fill in the blank to provide a name of their choosing.

Once everything is filled out, there will be the option to email a card to that person, or print out the digital certificate to deliver it yourself.

There is a minimum donation of $25, which will come with a full charitable tax receipt for the donor.

The Toronto Zoo drew inspiration from San Antonio Zoo’s Cry Me A Cockroach fundraiser, and Bronx Zoo’s Name a Roach for your Valentine campaign.

“We wanted to offer something to the folks who might be looking to mark the [Valentine’s Day] occasion differently,” Godel said.

“That being said, the Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy respect all creatures – big and small. Cockroaches play a very integral ecological role in their rainforest homes by helping to decompose forest litter and animal fecal matter and are food for man other animals.”

While the Zoo won’t be sharing all of the roach names at the end of the campaign, Godol said they will share the most popular ones.

“We have had multiple Kyles and multiple Jeffs!”