Mayor John Tory met with Premier Doug Ford at Queen’s Park for over an hour Monday morning to discuss a range of issues, but both men are being tight-lipped about the discussion.

“It was a very productive meeting, but some very complicated issues and we chatted about those and we’ll continue to do so,” Tory told reporters as he came out of the meeting.

While the subject of the meeting was not disclosed, it was widely expected that the two would discuss the possible upload of the city’s subway system to the province.

The city and the province agreed in February to terms of reference for the discussion around the possible upload, an idea initiated by Ford.

Officials are contemplating a range of options for a full or partial upload of the subway system to provincial control.

The idea has sparked concern by some councillors and transit activists about what will happen if the city loses control over its transit system.

Last week the city’s executive committee contemplated the financial implications of the provincial initiative. The city is expected to ask the province to foot the bill for the municipal resources required to explore the idea.

Tory said more details from the meeting would be released “in the coming days.”