The TTC has dropped its COVID-19 vaccination mandate for employees, paving the way for the potential reinstatement of hundreds of terminated workers.

In a news release issued on Thursday morning, the TTC said that it would formally lift the requirement as of Nov. 27. It said that employees who were terminated as a result of the policy “will be offered the opportunity to be reinstated” but will not be eligible for back pay.

The TTC previously terminated 354 employees for failing to comply with the mandate last January.

“The TTC is still encouraging all its employees to stay up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations as this is the best protection from getting very sick,” the statement said.

The TTC’s decision to repeal its vaccination mandate for employees comes about a week after the City of Toronto confirmed that it would drop the mandate that was in place for its employees.

CTV News Toronto reported in June that the TTC was facing nearly $3 million worth of wrongful dismissal lawsuits filed by former employees in conjunction with its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

In its statement on Thursday the TTC defended its initial decision, which it said ensured “illnesses were kept to a bare minimum and allowed the TTC to continue delivering its essential service throughout the pandemic.”

It did not provide its reason for lifting the mandate now.