Officials with the Toronto Transit Commission are investigating a video that has surfaced on social media involving a TTC special constable.

This video shows an altercation between the special constable and at least one man, possibly more.

The six-minute video also shows the constable punching one of the men. Police officers are later seen arriving and detaining the man.

Speaking with CP24 Tuesday night, TTC chair Josh Colle called the video ‘disturbing.’

“Just having seen (the video) a few minutes ago, I certainly don’t know the context, or the situation, but it’s certainly something that is alarming when you watch it and I believe that both the TTC and more importantly Toronto police have to investigate this.”

Coun. Joe Mihevc said it was important to not rush to any conclusions before a proper analysis of the incident could take place.

“Sometimes when we see an official doing something we might rush to judgement, and maybe that judgement is accurate, but I think for now we need to do the investigation,” he said.

A TTC spokesperson tells CP24 they are investigating the video believed to have been shot about a month ago at Union Station.

“The altercation involving TTC officers is extremely serious,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said in a tweet Tuesday night.

“The video is being reviewed now. We will have more to say in the morning.”