Two TTC union representatives are being accused of covering up evidence after an audit found a TTC employee’s till short of cash.

The toll collector’s money float was found to be $3,800 short during a routine audit, according to Toronto police.

The collector then sought the assistance of union representatives, who attended the scene and interviewed him.

Police allege those representatives then assisted in the destruction of evidence.

“These are very serious charges and the TTC is taking them very seriously,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told CP24. “Public trust is paramount for the TTC and for its employees and we as management expect nothing less from our workforce.”

The investigation into the theft began as an internal matter but was handed over to police on Friday. On Tuesday, the collector and the two union representatives were charged by police after turning themselves in for questioning.

Suspect Deodato Sousa, 54, is charged with theft under $5,000 while suspects John Wales, 63, and Clarke Smith, 53, are charged with compounding an indictable offence, theft under $5,000 and breach of trust.

The men are scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 9.

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