The TTC is advising riders that they may experience a problem with fare gates not opening if they are using a credit or debit card.

The service said Thursday it's"aware of an intermittent issue with fare gates" where they may not open for some customers who are tapping with credit or debit cards.

They said it appears to be related to "network authentication" and said they are working with Presto and Rogers to resolve the issue.

It's not clear how widespread the problem is. Presto cards are not impacted.

The TTC advised anyone experiencing the problem to speak to staff.

It was nearly a year ago in August 2023 that the TTC finally rolled out the ability to pay for a trip by tapping a credit or debit card to a Presto reader. Previously, the system only accepted Presto cards.

According to the latest figures, up to 13 per cent of weekly rides are currently paid for using credit or debit cards.  

More recently, riders gained the ability to transfer between different GTA transit agencies without having to pay twice through the provincial OneFare program.

From Feb.25 to April 27, the TTC recorded 5.86 million inter-agency transfers to/from the TTC, saving customers close to $9 million.