If you spot a goat sightseeing around the city today, don’t be alarmed.

Turbo the goat is touring Toronto before he heads to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which kicks of tomorrow at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Organizers of the fair, which runs until Nov. 15, are promoting the annual event by taking Turbo to some of the biggest landmarks around the city, including Union Station, the CN Tower and city hall.

Turbo started off his day by hopping on a GO Train at the Port Credit GO Station, a sight which undoubtedly turned a few heads as commuters made their way into the city this morning.

Turbo was also spotted roaming around Union Station on Thursday morning.

Turbo was outside the Toronto Stock Exchange as organizers of the fair opened the market Thursday and met with city councillor Norm Kelly at city hall.

He even made a stop at CP24.

He will wrap up the day by taking a ride on a streetcar to settle in at the CNE.