When identical twin sisters Kim and Michelle Krezonoski were invited to compete against some of the world’s most elite female runners at last week’s Boston Marathon, they were in disbelief.

“We were like, ‘Wow, did they make a mistake. Did they send out like a wrong email,’” Kim said with a laugh.

The 30-year-old Toronto athletes ended up becoming Canada’s top two female finishers at the race, which was held on April 15.

Michelle finished the race in two hours, 38 minutes, and 23 seconds, just minutes ahead of her sister, who ran the race in two hours, 40 minutes, and 50 seconds.

The pair ended up 23rd and 26th among female runners at the storied race.

“We were running together for 17 miles. So more than half of the race, we were side by side,” Michelle told CP24.com in an interview this week.

Kim and Michelle KrezonoskiThe race was Kim’s third marathon and Michelle’s second.

“Just looking back at it, it was really special… to just make it there, also to make it there together, and then to represent Canada,” Michelle said.

The twins were among about 60 women who competed in the pro field, including winner Hellen Obiri, who won the women’s division with a time of two hours, 22 minutes, and 37 seconds. The sisters were also the first twins in the marathon’s history to compete in the women’s pro field.

Kim said at one point before the start of the race, her sister turned to her and asked, “How did this hobby get out of hand?”

“We’re sitting here with like Hellen Obiri and Emma Bates and all these women… like that's their job, that's their day job,” Kim said. “And we're working 9 to 5.”

Kim and Michelle KrezonoskiKim and Michelle grew up just outside of Thunder Bay but later relocated to Toronto.

“We never thought that from Thunder Bay, running on dirt roads out in Shuniah Township that we would be lining up at the Boston Marathon with world class athletes and belong there,” Kim said.

The pair said they fell in love with running at a young age and continued on with it throughout college.

After a four-year hiatus, both revisited the sport during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were looking for routine, like a lot of people were during the pandemic, and turned to running again,” Michelle said.

“Especially the times when there was lockdowns for extended periods of times, it kept some normality and we do both thrive on routine.”

When working on what they describe as a “marathon build,” the sisters typically squeeze in a run before work and one after, along with some strength training over the lunch hour.

“When we're training together, we really bring each other up in terms of motivation (and) energy,” Kim said.

Kim and Michelle KrezonoskiThe Boston Marathon is one of six World Marathon Majors and both women say they hope to tick all six of them off of their lists at some point in the future.

The sisters also said they have their sights set on the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in 2028.

“It would be so special if we’re there together,” Kim said.