Two more suspects wanted in connection with a string of break-and-enters across the GTA have been arrested, according to police.

Police say that search warrants were issued at the suspects homes last month and that officers discovered numerous items stolen from break-and-enters at the time.

Arrest warrants were subsequently issued for four suspects.

One of the wanted parties, 36-year-old Paul Nkrumah, was arrested by police on Nov. 30

Two additional suspects were then taken into custody on Dec. 4.

They have been identified as Mississauga residents Jordan Saccucci, 33, and Dumark Lindsay, 44.

Police say that Saccucci and Lindsay have each been charged with 68 break-and-enter related offences.

The final suspect is still wanted and has been identified by police as 37-year-old Marcel Blackburn of Hagersville.