Elementary school teachers in parts of Northwestern Ontario and Niagara region will be the latest to walk off the job as a wave off one-day labour protests continues, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has announced.

Teachers with the District School Board of Niagara and the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board will both stage a one-day strike on Tuesday.

The action will follow a similar one-day walk out featuring elementary school teachers in the Timmins and Stratford area on Monday.

The demonstrations are being held to protest Bill 115, which freezes teacher wages and allows the provincial government to impose agreements should the school boards and union locals not be able to negotiate a satisfactory deal.

“We are taking this action to bring attention to Bill 115’s rigid parameters, and to try and move discussions forward,” Niagara Teacher Local President Sharon Aloian said in a press release. “It is in the best interests of everyone if we can reach an agreement with the board, which we have been trying to do.”

“Bill 115s rigid parameters have made local negotiations extremely difficult and our members are very frustrated with this government,” added Keewatin-Patricia Teacher Local President Anne Saltel. “It is unfortunate that the minister has forced us into a strike by taking away local autonomy.”

Though the government could block the one-day protests under Bill 115, Education Minister Laurel Broten has previously said that they will be allowed so long as the locals taking action are in a legal strike position, provide 72 hours notice and return to work the following day.

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