The “magical romance” of swan mates reuniting in a Scarborough park after just a few days apart was captured in a heartfelt video last week.

On April 1, a Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) volunteer spotted one of the trumpeter swans in Bluffer’s Park with blood in his feathers.

TWC said its rescue team arrived in response and found the swan at the shore’s edge with his head tucked beneath his wing.

When the swan swam towards a shallow bay area, the wildlife rescuer scooped him into a net to take him in for medical treatment, TWC said.

Once examined, the medical team discovered a cut on his beak, which after cleaning and treating, healed well, according to TWC, adding that the swan previously required urgent care back in December after his beak and tongue were bound by a fishing line. 

Just a few days after the recent incident, he was ready to reunite with his mate.

In a video posted last Friday, the rescued swan was released and appeared to be searching for his mate for a few moments before he sees her and rushes towards her. Excitedly, the swans flutter their wings as they reunite.

“It was like a magical romance moment from the movies,” the TWC volunteer who made the rescue call and witnessed the reunion said.

“It was so beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like that in the last 12 years!”