Video has emerged showing the moment police arrive at a commercial building in Toronto to break up a party that was attended by upwards of 150 people without masks this weekend.

Toronto police say that at 1:27 a.m. Sunday they were called to a dispute in a laneway near Dundas Street West and Huron Street.

Police said when officers arrived they could hear “loud music” coming from a nearby property.

Additional officers were then called to the scene and they allegedly found 150 people partying without masks inside a nearby commercial building.

Security footage obtained by CTV News Toronto on Monday shows at least three officers arriving at the laneway to investigate.

A few moments later several other officers, along with multiple police cruisers, arrive at the location.

Near the end of the video, one officer appears to be carrying a box of evidence to a cruiser.

The partygoers are not seen in the surveillance video.

Police said when they arrived at the location, everyone inside began to disperse.

Officers said they managed to stop 24 people and charged them under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Police say they will continue to work to identify and perhaps charge other people who attended the party.

They also seized $13,000 worth of alcohol in the building.

Police say they have issued hundreds of tickets per week in recent weeks in connection with parties and other large gatherings taking place in violation of the stay-at-home order.

Mayor John Tory slammed the partygoers during a press conference on Monday, calling the group "selfish."

"I don't know why people behave in this kind of a selfish manner but they do," Tory said.

"I just wish people would stop doing this because it'll get us much closer to the day when we can reopen and have a party in a proper setting, in a proper way, and not contrary to the law."