Toronto police have released video taken during a shooting inside a Grange Park restaurant that left one man dead and two women injured.

The shooting at Garden Restaurant in the early morning hours of Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 was determined to be a robbery gone wrong, investigators say.

The victim of the shooting, Tariq Mohammed, arrived at the Dundas Street restaurant with a group of friends just after 3 a.m. after a night of partying at Musik Nightclub.

The video released by police Friday shows a group of suspects entering the restaurant about 40 minutes later.

At one point, three of the suspects are seen loitering around the washroom area when Mohammed and his friend, who was wearing a noticeable amount of expensive jewelry, make their way to the bathroom.

Two of the suspects are seen in the video pulling out handguns and violently attacking both Mohammed and his friend. One suspect pistol-whips Mohammed and after a brief struggle, the suspects are able to rip two gold chains from Mohammed's friend's neck.

About a minute later, police say a second altercation broke out by the takeout counter at the front of the restaurant and mutliple shots rang out. Two women were injured by stray bullets and Mohammed was fatally shot.

"I think they felt that the robbery was going to go fairly seamlessly when in fact the victim of the robbery and the deceased put up a struggle," said Det. Srgt. Gary Giroux told reporters during a news conference at police headquarters Friday. 

Giroux said the suspects were seen fleeing southbound on Chestnut Street.

Two people arrested earlier this month on Jan. 17 have been charged with first-degree murder, robbery and assault but police say there are approximately five suspects that are still outstanding.

“It is going to be an identification-based prosecution in the future going forward and as a result of that now I’m turning to the public and other members of GTA police services to see if they can look at the video and can identify these individuals," Giroux said. 

"They are not novices to the criminal just system. These are going to be people who are extremely dangerous and people who have been involved in criminal offences in the past."

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