Surveillance video footage released by Toronto police shows the moments leading up to the shooting of a 24-year-old man in the city’s Lawrence Heights neighbourhood.

The incident took place on Old Meadow Lane in the area of Allen and Felmington roads on Friday just after 11 p.m.

Officers arrived at the scene after receiving a call regarding gunshot sounds in the area. Upon arrival, officers located a male victim suffering from seven gunshot wounds.

The victim, who has not been identified, was taken to hospital in critical condition following the incident. Police said he remains in hospital and is expected to survive.

On Saturday, investigators said a vehicle was seen speeding away from the scene of the shooting, which appeared to be “targeted.”

“It’s very clear that the two suspects were in the area for a purpose,” Const. James McArthur told CTV News Toronto.

The security video obtained on Wednesday shows two men exiting a small, dark-coloured vehicle in a parking lot before walking along a row of parked cars. The pair is then seen running back to the same vehicle, getting into the passenger and backseat of the car before fleeing the scene.

The video also shows a suspect wearing dark-coloured clothing shooting a man seated inside a building. The victim was looking at his cell phone at the time.

No suspect descriptions have been released in connection with this incident.

Speaking with CTV News Toronto over the phone on Wednesday, the victim’s father, who did not want to be identified, said they had no idea why anyone would want to hurt their son.

“I have no clue to be honest with you,” he said. “(The wounds were) in the hip area and neck area, mostly.”

The Oct. 13 incident marked the second time in two weeks that shots rang out in the neighbourhood.

Gunfire rang out in the same area on Flemington Road in the early hours on Oct. 7. Officers located multiple shell casings at the scene but did not locate any victims at the time.

“At this point in the investigation we cannot link the two shooting together but it is a growing concern for us here at 32 Division,” McArthur said.