Video has emerged of a train slamming into a stalled vehicle in Alliston on Friday just moments after a mother and her two young children managed to escape.

It happened just before noon.

A witness to the crash told CTV News Barrie that the BMW SUV was stopped on the tracks with its four-way lights activated as the train approached. She said that people in the area then noticed what was happening and rushed to help the mother get her children out of their car seats before it was too late.

The video obtained by CTV News Barrie shows the train slamming into the side of the SUV and pushing it off the tracks and into a ditch on the opposite side of the road. The SUV is seen spinning around as a result of the impact but does not roll over.

Police have told CTV News Barrie that the operator of the train was contacted and was able to slow down prior to the impact but didn’t have enough time to stop.