WARNING: Some viewers may find the video and description of events disturbing

The owner of a laundromat in Toronto’s Little Portugal area says she’s shocked that her business and her neighbourhood could be the scene of a violent confrontation that was caught on video earlier this week.

The assault occurred inside the Budget Coin Laundry, near Dundas Street West and Brock Avenue, at around 12:15 p.m. on Monday.

Laundromat owner Fatima Medeiros said she was shocked when she saw the surveillance video of the incident and shared the video with CTV News Toronto in the hope of raising awareness.

“(I was) absolutely frightened. Frightened that this took place in our laundromat, frightened that this took place in our neighbourhood,” Medeiros said.

The video shows the victim and the suspect together in the laundromat without interacting much for about 20 minutes before the fight took place. One of them is seated by a machine while the other is standing at a folding table.

For some reason, the man at the table picks up a piece of clothing and throws it at the seated man, who then gets up and throws a punch.

The man who had been at the table then strikes the other man twice with a recycling bin, bringing him to the ground. He then uses what appear to be bolt cutters to strike the man while he’s down and also kicks him in the head.

Afterward, the man on the ground struggles to get up and then moves toward the back of the room while the other man leaves.

Medeiros learned about the attack from police shortly after it happened and came over to the laundromat to view the video. She said the man who was struck with the bin and the bolt cutters was eventually taken away in an ambulance. Police have not provided an update on his condition so far.

“I feel sorry and really saddened for him. I personally am so saddened that this happened to him,” she said.

She added that she’s concerned about the fact that the suspect is still out on the streets.

“I fear for the fact this gentleman could walk out on the street and walk into another business, another 50 feet, 100 feet, however the distance, and could commit something more severe,” she said.

Toronto police are investigating the incident and said the two men did not appear to know one another.

- With files from CTV News Toronto Reporter Beth Macdonell