A wild turkey was spotted enjoying a little shelter from the fowl weather at a Mississauga bus stop Wednesday.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) told CTV News Toronto Thursday that employee Jon Clayton spotted the wild turkey on his way to work Wednesday at the intersection of Meadowvale Boulevard and Syntex Drive and snapped a photo.

On Wednesday evening, Credit Valley Conservation shared the photo, in which the turkey can be seen tucked inside a Mi-Way bus shelter, to social media. 

“There's a very patient wild turkey trying to cross the road [..] Anybody else in Mississauga see this guy today?!” the conservation authority wrote.

The City of Mississauga also took to Twitter to comment on the unusual spotting.

“Even our local wildlife like being environmentally friendly by taking the bus,” the city wrote.

This isn’t the first time local wildlife has opted for public transit. In March 2021, a beaver was spotted wandering through Royal York subway station in Toronto, resulting in rush-hour closures.