A 21-year-old woman is facing charges after allegedly climbing through a drive-thru window then attacking an employee inside a Tim Hortons in Brampton.

In a widely-circulated video that appears to show the attack a woman is seen holding a staff member by her hair while another employee tries to pry the attacker off. The woman and one employee exchange words, though inaudible, before she appears to start throwing punches.

The employee is eventually freed and walks out of the view of the camera while crying. CTV News Toronto was told by a customer that the employee is pregnant.

“Where did we go wrong as people,” customer Michael Mendonca asked. “How do we justify doing something like that and it’s okay?”

The video was posted to Facebook and shared on multiple accounts.

Peel police Const. Danny Marttini said that officers received information about an incident at a Tim Hortons near Castlemore Road and McVean Drive around 3 a.m. on Sunday.

“What we had was a female coming through the drive-thru window and then assaulting the poor female on the other side who was just doing her job,” Marttini told CTV News Toronto.

Police say the woman fled the area after the altercation. The female employee went to the hospital as a precaution.

Marttini said that the Tim Hortons’ location has its front doors locked at that hour.

“Obviously she wanted to gain some entrance and then proceeded to come in through the drive-through window.”

Another customer, who also happens to be a Toronto fast food restaurant manager, said assaults like these are not uncommon.

“I’ve personally been attacked too. Not like that, that is extreme, but somebody threw drinks at me from a drive-thru so as a fast food worker, it does happen a lot.”

The owner of this particular Tim Hortons has put two bars across the drive-thru window to protect the workers.

A suspect police identified as Leliqua Clarke was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of assault and one count of breaking and entering with intent. She is expected to appear in court on Thursday.