A mother who tearfully pleaded for help Christmas Eve to find her missing daughter got her Christmas wish Monday.

Cheyanna Cooper, 24, had been missing for nearly two weeks when her mother spoke with reporters on Christmas Eve to ask for the public’s help to find her.

Michelle Grizzly said Sunday that she had dropped her daughter off at a youth shelter about two weeks ago, but there had been no sign of her since Dec.13.  

Cooper’s family said it was out of character for her not to be in touch and said that the young woman loved baking cookies and reading Christmas stories with her family on Christmas Eve.

 Detectives had said that Cooper moved to another shelter and that was the last place she was spotted.

In an email to reporters Monday, Grizzly said that police were notified after Cooper returned to the original shelter on Monday and that she was in good health.

In the email, Grizzly thanked all those who helped look for Copper Christmas Eve.

“The family thanks the detectives at the 13 division, all the officers of the Toronto police force, all the news media, and everyone who helped search, posted flyers, called in tips, shared on social media and prayed,” Grizzly wrote.

“Thank you all. The power of people coming together has helped make this Christmas a beautiful one.  Thank you everyone, we will be forever grateful for all your help.”

Police said the case is not considered suspicious and there is no further investigation.