Thirty of the Bloor-Danforth subway line’s 31 stations did not meet the TTC’s benchmark for cleanliness in the second quarter of 2017, according to new data released by the transit service.

The TTC’s recent cleanliness audit shows that St. George Station was the only stop on Line 2 to meet the service’s cleanliness threshold.

Woodbine Station was ranked the dirtiest stop in the entire subway system.

The TTC has set its target score for cleanliness at 75 and in the second quarter of 2017, the transit service’s 69 subway stations had an average score of 73.7, up from 59 in the first quarter of 2008.

“You will see an obvious upward trend globally, notwithstanding a few peaks and valleys,” Stuart Green told CP24 in an email Thursday.

“You probably also know that our CEO has made station cleanliness a priority and our customers have noticed. Out modernized station management model and the hard work of frontline janitorial staff are making a tremendous difference.”

Despite their efforts, the TTC has only met its target three times in the last 18 quarters.

In assessing the cleanliness of a station, the TTC looks at glass, metal, platform edge markers and elevators and gives them a score from one to five.

“The auditors assess the cleanliness of the components based on the criteria listed in the contract and scores it accordingly,” Green said.

Green added that the TTC will also be acquiring new tools to help make the stations cleaner.

“We are also in the process of procuring new equipment which can blast clean the terrazzo surfaces with much better results,” he said.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said the TTC has one of the cleanest subway systems in the world.

"Our customer satisfaction surveys also reflect customer appreciation for just how clean stations - and vehicles - are today over five years ago," Ross said in an emailed statement Thursday. 

Speaking to CP24 Thursday, TTC CEO Andy Byford said he has set the bar high when it comes to cleanliness.

“Back in 2013, I set the TTC a target of 72 per cent but because we were regularly beating that… we increased the score to 75,” he said.

“I believe we should aim for higher. We should be looking at continuing this improvement. Had we kept the target at 72, we’d have beaten it 13 out of 17 but I want us to do better.”

Byford said some of the stations that did not meet the target are currently under construction.

“We’ve got Presto work going on. Woodbine, we are putting in elevators. It is going to be dusty,” he added. “But we’re not going to let up on this. We are going to keep up our efforts. I’m very proud of my janitors. I think they do a great job.”


Dirtiest stations:

Woodbine- Score: 63.73

Dundas West- Score: 64.29

Chester- Score: 64.88

Scarborough- Score: 65.24

Donlands- Score: 65.66

Old Mill- Score: 65.94

Coxwell- Score: 66.20

Main- Score: 66.70

Dufferin- Score: 66.95

Pape- Score: 67.20


Cleanest stations:

Rosedale- Score: 83.16

Davisville- Score: 82.82

King- Score: 82.28

Downsview- Score: 81.76

Wellesley- Score: 80.34

Museum- Score: 80.04

Queen- Score: 79.94

Ellesmere- Score: 79.04

North York Centre- Score: 78.98

Dundas- Score: 78.85

See below for the full audit results: